Monday, August 31, 2009

Ultrafine Particles

Living in a big city is not quite healthy. We can find all kinds of pollutants that could harm our health, add to that the stress, unhealthy foods and unhealthy lifestyle triggers our body to catch all kinds of illnesses. Air pollution is everywhere, its what we are breathing in our everyday busy life, although more developed countries are doing some research inventing machines to resolve this problem, but what about the developing countries, its the most contributors to pollute the air we breath. And mostly we don't have the technologies and high budget to to something about this. I just read an article recently that says, a new studies had found out that road tunnels have a highest concentration of pollutants that is called ultrafine particles. The study was done in Sydney.
A toxic cocktail of ultrafine particles is lurking inside road tunnels in concentration levels so high they have the potential to harm drivers and passengers, a new study has found.

Road tunnels were locations where maximum exposure to dangerous ultrafine particles in addition to other pollutants occurred, this may give more risks to drivers and passengers like me, to think that they are being exposed in this place in everyday basis.
"The human health effects of exposure to ultrafine particles produced by fuel combustion are generally regarded as detrimental," Professor Morawska said.

Effects of ultrafine range from minor respiratory problems in healthy people, to acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) in people with existing heart complaints. So its really alarming, more people living in the cities have higher rate of respiratory diseases. According to Professor Morawska, drivers and occupants of new vehicles which had their windows closed were safer than people travelling in older vehicles. And the people who are driving of motorcycles are the one exposed to this pollutants.

It should be a good challenge for the govertment to do something to remove this dangerous air pollutants.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nikon D5000

I've been looking for an SLR few months ago, at first I decided to get a Nikon D60. Its is good for a beginner like me. The price is right, it is designed specially for beginners and most of all, it fits on my small hands. Of course its important to choose a SLR that is comfortable for the user's hand, it will be used for a long hour. But being smaller in size, D60 has some limitations like in lens, it has less compatible lenses.

Not until, Nikon released the new SLR model for beginner, Nikon D5000, early this year. Wow, it is an upgraded Nikon D60 but just like a smaller version of Nikon D90. It also has a liveview screen while D60 doesn't have. It also has more features that D60 don't have, but I can't go much further with the technicalities here...

Anyway, I am confuse on what should I buy now, Nikon D60 or Nikon D5000. It has a big difference in the price, and one thing I am considering is the size of D5000, it is bulkier than D60. What I am feeling now is being excited having my first SLR :)

Taylor Lautner Gets Dirty

Well, yeah, he gets dirty on this photo... well, he had an interview about playing a down-to-earth werewolf heartthrob in New Moon.
ON WHY LADIES LOVE JACOB "If she likes having a really close friendship with a guy, being able to tell him anything, and then having that friendship slowly transform into something more." (Uh, yes please! Unless it transforms into just playing fetch.)

Dirty, sexy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Volturi Pics on People Magazines Sept. Issue

Here are the newest photos of Evil Blood Sucking Clan (Volturi) who are living in Volterra, Italy. These Royal Vamps are alive for thousands of years, and protecting the secrets of the Vampire World.

They look scary yet so elegant...

Here are some facts about the Voturi:
1) The Volturi include: Aro, Caius, and Marcus as the leaders, and then Jane, Alec, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, and several other unnamed members of the guard.
2) The Volturi are similar to a ruling body, and protect the secret of vampires by wiping out any “problems” as vampire law defines.
3) The Volturi live in an ancient Tuscan city called “Volterra”.
4) Aro and Jane’s powers do not work on Bella.

If you are a Twilight Fan, grab a copy of People Magazine September Issue.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Open Gym in Albuquerque in New Mexico

Working in an office and sitting for a long hours can make us gain more weight, so its better make a move and enroll in a gym class now. Well, why don't you stop by and enroll to Open Gym in Albuquerque NM.

Here are their club amenities:

- 24/7 Secure Check-In
- Towel Service
- World-Class Personal Training Program
- FREE Online Fitness Community
- FREE Fitness and Nutritional Tracking Program
- Cycling, Rowing, Kickboxing, Pilates & Yoga Classes
- Private Yoga & Pilates Sessions
- Executive Locker Rooms & Showers

They are offering in lower rates, with great environment and open for 24 hours. Whether you are new and wanting to improve your general health or wanting to improve muscle tone you can visit to their club, they can help you and will give you the best open gym class. Most of all you can save money with a great healthy body.

Silliest Things Ever Said by Politicians

Politicans can be comedians sometimes... or most of the times. Anyway here are some of the most stupid things ever said by politicians all over the world.

  • Queen Elizabeth Taylor.” – Thai Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa, referring to the Queen of England.

  • In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals, like in your country." – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, referring to the USA while addressing Columbia University.

  • "I would never approach a small-breasted woman." – President Clinton, denying that he had sexually harassed Kathleen Willey.

  • I am not a communist and neither is the revolutionary movement.” – Fidel Castro. But he also said: “I am a Marxist-Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life.

  • "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." – Washington, D.C., August 5, 2004 – George W. Bush.

  • "This is a great day for France!" – President Richard Nixon at French President Charles de Gaulle's funeral

  • We are not without accomplishment. We have managed to distribute poverty equally.” – Nguen Co Thatch, Vietnamese Foreign Minister.

First Official Photos of Volturi Coven

Summit Entertainment released the Official Photos of Volturi Coven:

Alec - Twin Brother of Jane

Full Name: Jane
Status: Vampire
Group: Volturi Coven
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Transformation: Unknown but at a young age
Special Abilities: Ability to inflict debilitating pain with her thoughts

“This may hurt just a little.”

Jane is a high ranking member of the Volturi Guard. The Volturi were waiting to change her and her brother Alec until she was older, but humans—believing her and her brother to be witches—tried to burn them at the stake, which forced Aro to act while the twins were little more than children. Jane’s experience with the pain of burning alive shaped her into a potent weapon – she developed the ability to inflict immense pain on others with only a look.

Full Name: Marcus
Status: Vampire
Group: Volturi Coven
Date of Birth: Around 1300 BC
Date of Transformation: Unknown
Special Abilities: He sees the strength of the relationships between people

“You already know what you’ll do, Aro.”

Marcus is the most detached of the Volturi leaders. The loss of his mate has essentially turned him into a zombie over the centuries. He is surprised by the intensity of Bella and Edward’s relationship.

Caius was born around 1300 BC, though the date of his transformation and his special powers are unknown. But we do know that he really, really wants to kill Bella, Edward, and Alice

Aro - Brother of Caius and Marcus; Leader of Volturi.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Led Gloves

Hey, weekend is almost here, the best part of the week. Why? Comm'on, its time to go to the bar, attend a disco party, drink some wine with friends and groove to a great music! Have some life, that four cornered room in your office should be emptied for a while. Its time to chill and forget all the stress you had encountered in a long days of work. Didn't we deserve to tell ourselves, "Yes, finally its all paying off, this is the life... Cheers!".

Anyway, I know you are planning to have a great night out, or should I say you might be going to a dance party this friday, I have something to recommend to you. Why don't you and all your buddies, wear a cool led gloves while on the dance floor? It will be fun and memorable! Don't worry, it is so affordable thats why I am recommending this to you. Imagine, it only costs $21.99.

Wait, you might tell me whats with that led gloves in Beatdrops that is so special. Here let me tell you this, their product has:

•3 colors in each fingertip (red, green, and blue)
•7 finger lighting modes including rapid flash, slow flash, and steady on
•Make crazy tracing patterns with your hands in the dark
•Stand out! Be seen over 1/2 mile away.
•Replace the CR2032 Lithium batteries as needed
•Smooth surface inside – no wires!
•One size fits most (excluding very large or very small hands)
•Stretchy, breathable material allows maximum comfort

Not only that, with its price so great, you can find 1 pair of LED gloves per package with batteries included. See? I saw some led gloves from other stores but they cost double.

You can find it in, and not just led gloves, all the things a party people need!

Check them out and I am sure, you'll gonna have a great time!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Moon Boardgame Game

If I have another wish as a birthday gift that will be perfect to be added on my lists, is a New Moon Board Game. I found this on So affordable, just $14.99. So guys I know, if you read this... I accept gifts in advance. Lol!

I have Twilight friends and we can meet and mingle on our free time by playing this game. Its nice to know who is the twi genius. Well, I have an idea who is she...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good uses of Payday Loans

We are facing a difficult situation now, because of economic recession, more low to middle income earner are struggling to make their ends meet. Well, I want to say, I am one of them. My salary is not enough for all my expenses until the next payday. Much more for the people who are raising a family. They have obviously more expenses.

It is great there is a Payday Loan. Its so easy to apply, go to their website, fill up the form online and you can easily get approved. Just fill up all the information they needed and boom!... you can get your loan real quick!

In fact I have three good uses of payday loans if the loan is paid off within 2 weeks.

  • If you pay early they will not charge the prepayment penalty.

  • The interest will be adjusted so you will only be charged for the days the loan is outstanding.

  • You only pay 860.36% APR for up to $300 loan if you pay within 2 weeks.

Other great thing about them is you can have 6 payment extensions when you don't have enough money to pay for your balance. So this is very helpful to everyone.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I had a great day today, although I'm not really feeling well. I've been busy for these past days, and now I have a bad backache and my arms almost feels like numb.

There are few changes here, last week, we enjoyed feasting on lots of foods every time my board mates gather here in our boardinghouse and we stay up late at night, talk about what happened in whatever we've been through the whole day. But now, its different. Ramadan started last 2 days, and I have a Muslim friend who refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured from dawn until dusk. I admired them for being so disciplined. I am a Christian but I even attempted to try to do it, but i surrendered after one day. :( I am not that disciplined...

Well, I got so curious about their religion and culture so i asked lots of questions about it and do some reseach.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the time to fast for the sake of Allah, and offer more prayer than usual. Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. Ramadan was the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

I read more articles about Muslim traditions, its interesting. And now, I am patiently waiting till its Eid ul-Fitr. Its the end of fasting and lots of foods are being served and enjoyed by families and friends.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog Terms and Meaning

There are lots of strange blogging terms and unusual blog abbreviations and blogging acronyms that I found when I started my blog. I learned that its important especially for a new bloggers to learn blogging terms to have a good, attractive blog and not only that, to attract more readers. I have a few collections of blog-related terms for you.

Blog Carnival
A blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. Most blog carnivals are hosted by a rotating list of frequent contributors to the carnival, and serve to both generate new posts by contributors and highlight new bloggers posting matter in that subject area.

Person who runs a blog. Also, a popular blog hosting web site. Rarely: weblogger.

Blogs written by and for Mormons (a portmanteau of "blog" and "Tabernacle)". Generally refers to faithful Mormon bloggers and sometimes refers to a specific grouping of faithful Mormon bloggers.

One of the most popular blog awards.

A list of blogs on a blog (usually placed in the sidebar of a blog) that reads as a list of recommendations by the blogger of other blogs.

All blogs, or the blogging community. Also called blogistan or, more rarely, blogspace.

A category of software which consists of a specialized form of a Content Management System specifically designed for creating and maintaining weblogs.

The BOBs
The largest international blog awards

Permanent link. The unique URL of a single post. Use this when you want to link to a post somewhere.

Short for Packet Internet Grouper. Blog and ping helps to notify other blog tracking tools for updates, changes and trackbacks.

The alert in the TrackBack system that notifies the original poster of a blog post when someone else writes an entry concerning the original post.

Really Simple Syndication is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts.

RSS feed
The file containing a blog’s latest posts. It is read by an RSS aggregator/reader and shows at once when a blog has been updated. It may contain only the title of the post, the title plus the first few lines of a post, or the entire post.

This is only some of the many blog terms. You can find more blogging terms here.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I stumbled upon a beautiful poem. This one really is my favorite. I love this because its what I want to tell everybody, that theres no better thing than being appreciated for being myself...

by Edgar A. Guest

I have to live with myself and so
I want to be fit for myself to know,
I want to be able as days go by,
To look at myself straight in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun
And hate myself for the things I've done.

I don't want to hide on a closet shelf
A lot of secrets about myself,
And fool myself as I come and go
Into thinking that nobody else will know
What kind of man I really am;
I don't want to dress myself in sham.

I want to go with my head erect,
I want to deserve all men's respect
And in this struggle for fame and pelf
I want to be able to like myself.
I don't want to look at myself and know
That I am a bluster and empty show.

I cannot hide myself from me;
I can see what others can never see;
I know what others can never know,
I cannot fool myself, and so

Whatever happens, I want to be
Self-respecting and conscience free.

Prepaid Visa Card from NetSpend

Everybody loves shopping or dining outside with friends and family! Its one of the things that a lady like me wants to do after a stressful day from work. And we are thankful because these days we don't always have to bring cash to do that.

Most of the shoppers today prefer to shop using credit card. Well, as we all know, credit cards are not only for shopping, its all we need in a busy day. But most of Credit Cards today, requires a minimum account balance and a back account. So its not applicable to all, especially for those who have lower income.

Anyway, I have a great information to tell you. I found a Prepaid Visa Card that is perfect for everyone. NetSpend Credit Card is reloadable prepaid debit cards and prepaid debit card, that can be use for paying bills, make some reservations, and shop online. Sounds great? It is also great for students, and for everybody who don't prefer the traditional bank account. Nothing to worry about because there are more than 30,000 card purchase locations and approximately 90,000 debit card reload locations not all that, they offer full self-service sales and delivery capabilities through its web and mobile platforms.

So, this is what everybody need!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Lovely Sexy Megan Fox, will go topless on this movie. She will play the role of Jennifer Check, a cheerleader who was possessed by a devil, and seduced boys and eat them for her meal.

such a movie worth watching for!

more info here

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Own Place

I know this is not the right time to rant. A brand new week had just started, but I feel so exhausted and stress. Its like I am tired doing the same thing everyday for a long time. Its boring already. And every time I feel like this, I remember my family, my hometown, mom, dad, Rodney(my dog). I miss them so much. I miss the life in the province, its simple, calm, no traffic, and not noisy.

In my home town, I live near the beach

Dancalan Beach. Its 15 minutes away from my home. When I was there, early in the morning Me and Rodney used go to the beach to see the sunrise. I can see the fishermen going home. We used to run to the seashore and throw pebbles to the waves. I love the sound of the sea, and the water is so fresh and cold.

At noon, I could enjoy watching the Volcano at the back of our house

Bulusan Volcano. My eyes get relaxed watching the ricefields dancing with the wind, and the volcano more beautiful on sunset. I can see the rich red, orange and royal blue decorating the volcano. Its the perfect twilight I ever saw!

And on weekend, Me and my Dad go to the Lake

We can catch Tilapia or just walk around the lake and enjoy the woods, or we can climb in and relax in the tree house.

And on December to February, its the coldest time of the year its perfect to go enjoy swimming in the hot spring

We live near the volcano, so we have lots of hot spring to enjoy.

I am hoping to have a time and take a vacation. Maybe a one week vacation will be fine.

Second New Moon Trailer

The Twilight Saga: New Moon 'Meet Jacob Black' Preview in HD

Here is the second New Moon Trailer, there is more Jacob scene, first shots of Volturi and Wolfpack.

I admit, I'm a little skeptical of this movie coz I wasn't impressed of the first one, but i after I watched this trailer, maybe this is better and great. I like all casts. More twi fans don't like New Moon because Edward is not frequently seen, but well that's how the story was written. Without Jacob, there will be no spice to the story and remember without Jacob Renesmee won't have a soul mate...

Anyway, enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Words

I had a great time playing farmtown today, its an online game that is so popular in facebook and myspace. Its a fun and interactive game, in fact I'm already addicted to this game.

One thing that makes me excited about this, is aside from I can enjoy designing and arranging my farm, I can meet new friends and have a great talk while playing with them. I met a very good man. I call him Mr. Tom, from Australia. He have great loving kids and grandchildren and adopted grandchildren. I also got to know his daughter and I was informed that Mr. Tom has a heart illness and is waiting for a heart donor. He is a lucky Dad, because his sons and daughter are living with him and taking care of him. I always pray that He will get better.

I first met them in farmtown and from that time, I invited them to be my facebook friend and farm neighbor. Oh, I love havin a great time with him, because while playing, he teaches me some new words (slang words) that I haven't heard before. I mean, I talk simple conversation English so I don't have a chance to learn that Aussie words.

Here are some words that I learned:

bangers and mash - sausage and mashed potato

snags - mashed potato

tuff bugga - tough bustard

Apples, she'll be - it'll be all right

Big Smoke - a big city/Sydney/Melbourne

Cockie - cockroach

Dead horse - tomato sauce

I love using these words while talking with them. Its fun to meet people from other places and get to know unique or slang words that they speak.

So, I have to go now and cook some bangers but no mash this time, I love munching those while in front of my computer while of course playing online games.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

North Highlands Auto Repair 916-332-6995 Auto Repair North Highlands CA

I just want to share some great info to my friends in Sacramento, California. Since they love cruising around, its nice to have their cars in good condition. I found the best Auto Repair Shop, they can get the best services there and its so affordable. I heard from a lot of satisfied customers saying they are glad they chose T-Rex Auto Repair Shop, they all gave thumbs up to their service.

North Highlands Auto Repair located in 3500 Q St. North Highlands, is offering not only for auto repair, its a Towing & Auto Repair shop. They offer more quality services like:

  • Towing

  • Lien Used Sale Cars

  • Lockouts

  • Jump Start Service

and many more. Its just a click away so its so easy to contact them.

Green Day

While on my way going home from the office last day, I wear green shirt and when I look around everybody is wearing green! Its the color of the Day. I love wearing green because it is refreshing to look at and when my eyes get tired while working in front of the computer for a long hour, I look at anything that has a green color and it relaxes me.

In fact green is my favorite color aside from black.

Whats with the GREEN?

Well, at home, green is a good color for the bedroom because of its tranquilizing influence on the body as well as the mind; in the kitchen, it tends to stimulate creativity in food preparation. Also recommended for workshops. Clear to light shades are best.

I'm glad I picked this color for my room.

Tonik Health Insurance

Its best to be ready for anything that could happen. Since all of us are not sure about our health condition, especially these days, the weather can be so extreme sometimes. Our body and immune system can sometimes won't able to handle those kinds of situations, add to it is the stress from work, school and the kind of lifestyle we are now living. We forget to take care of ourselves and not noticing that we are abusing our health. In this case it is the best idea to get a health insurance plan. A health insurance plan that has a quality service.

Recently, I just heard about Tonik Health Insurance. This plan is great, because they offer major medical plan as well as dental and vision plan. I think not all insurance company offer this kind of coverage. Tonik Health Insurance Company is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Currently available in six States (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire). They offered plan coverage towards children, students, or recent college graduates, and to anyone under the age of sixty-five. They offer more services like, TONIK DOCTOR FINDER where a customer can view a list of doctors and health care providers in their state and allow to choose their Doctor preference and TONIK CALIFORNIA DOCTOR FINDER, this is for anybody who live in California. They also have prescription drug coverage, for cover generic drugs. One more great thing about them is that they make sure that every resident pays the same premium and no additional charges will be passed to the consumer.

I would certainly recommend this plan to my cousins living in Georgia and California. They are looking for a good insurance health plan and this one is perfect for their families.

Steps to Increase Blog Traffic

Being new to blogging, like me is not that easy, there are lots to things to learn to become a successful blogger. I keep on researching tips/steps on how to become one and I found some great tips on how to increase traffic. Everyday, before I write a post, I read this. I know this is not easy, considering that I am not a gifted writer, I just do blogging because for the hobby and I like sharing ideas.

I know, one of the problem that a blogger encounter is what topic should you post, and it always happen on me.

Here are some steps that could help how to increase your reader:

1. Write a Killer article.
A killer article is a long and structured article that has a goal of delivering a huge amount of value to potential visitors. Some ideas for killer articles are

  • create a giant list of resources

  • write a detailed tutorial teaching people how to do something

  • find a solution for a common problem

  • write a deep analysis on a topic where people have only talked superficially

2. Netwotking.

  • comment to other blogs

  • linking to your posts of bloggers in your niche

  • interacting with the bloggers in your niche via email, IM or Twitter.

3. Promote your post.
Whenever you publish one, you should push it in any way you can.

  • let other people in your network know about it

  • let bloggers and webmasters in relevant niches know about it

  • get some friends friends to submit the article to social bookmarking sites

  • post the article in online forums or new groups

4. Normal Post.
Normal posts are the ones that you will publish routinely in your blog, between the killer articles.
Here are some ideas for normal posts:

  • a post linking to an article on another blog and containing your opinion about it

  • a post informing your readers about a news in your niche

  • a post asking a question to your readers and aiming to initiate a discussion

  • a post highlighting a new resource or trick that you discovered and that would be useful to your readers

Still, I continue to stick to this steps and looking forward to be a succesful blogger.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day."

Earlier this morning when I woke up, I'm not feeling well. My head and back is aching and it made me so irritable. Maybe because of the stress from work. Well, I've been working like a dog. But when I was on my way going to work, wearing a grumpy face..., I met a lady who gave me a beautiful warm smile, her eyes looks like encouraging me to be positive. And I suddenly remember I haven't smile since I woke up. There is something in that smile that made me feel great. My grumpiness disappeared and yeah, my day turned out great. It feels like my mind was refresh with just one smile...

From now on, I'm ready to face the day with a good smile!

Facts about Smiles:

1. When someone smiles in is universally known as an expression of happiness which is recognized by almost all cultures.

2. When a person studies laughter they are known as a ‘gelotologist’.

3. There are over 18 different types of smiles that are used in a variety of social situations. For instance, people can use a smile to say a hello, and they can also use a different type of smile to show their understanding of a particular situation.

4. A frown uses more muscles to contract and expand then a smile does.

5. A smile is one of the most used human facial expressions. Smiles can use between 5 to all 53 muscles.

6. Smiling releases endorphins and makes us feel better, even when you fake a smile you can feel better.

7. A person that smiles more is deemed to be more pleasant, sincere, attractive and more sociable then a on-smiling person.

8. We are born with the ability to smile, it is not something that we copy. For instance, even blind babies are able to smile.

9. Humans are able to differentiate between a real smile and a fake smile by seeing the difference in a persons eyes when they smile.

10. Newborns tend to have more preference for a person with a smile then a person that is not smiling.

Just wanna Make You Smile

I don't have any intention other than make you smile... I always have a stressful day at work so, before I sleep, I always read some funny signs and instructions. I do this to release all the stress and remember to smile before a new day come.

Now, did I make you smile???

Best Clubbing Dress

My friends birthday is fast approaching, and I got the perfect gift for her. A Cute Black Sequin Cocktail Clubbing Dress from fashion wholesale clothing. This will really fit well and look great on her, she is petite and has a fair complexion.
This dress is so comfortable, made of viscose end elastin and hey! this so affordable perfect for my budget! I'm sure she'll like this coz she love sexy black dress.

I am eyeing for another dress, its a Black Tunic Long Summer Top and planning to buy it for my sister's birthday next month. But I can still change my mind, there are lots of clothing designs to choose, from leggings, top, jackets and more. They are all affordable and more new products are coming. Their website post the latest product designs, their bestseller and the available stocks for a certain clothes, so its easy to pick what you like.

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Photoshoot in EW

here are 3 of 9 exclusive photos of Jacob and Bella in EW magazine:

During their photoshoot, they really had a great time and laugh a lot.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloggers blog 10 Things Only Women Understand

I just wanna share to you the 10 things only women understand, according to bloggers blog. Funny, i think it applies to most of us, but not all...

10. Cats’ facial expressions

9. The need for the same style of shoes in different colors

8. Why bean sprouts aren’t just weeds

7. Fat clothes

6. Taking a car trip without trying to beat your best time

5. The difference between beige, off-white, and eggshell

4. Cutting your bangs to make them grow

3. Eyelash curlers

2. The inaccuracy of every bathroom scale ever made


Taylor and Kristen in Entertainment Weekly

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner was featured in EW magazine cover, to be release August 14, so it will be this weekend!

Inside the issue, is the secrets from the New Moon set.

Well, New Moon movie will be all about Bella and Jacob, how their friendship developed, heres what Robert Pattinson quoted:

“It was a stress-free job for three months, All the pressure was on Taylor."
Great for you Rob!

Stewart thinks the New Moon will be beefier: “[Making Twilight] was much more of a fight,” she says. “We needed to make something commercial but stay true to the book. We didn’t have enough money. It was all very impulsive, and that’s what I love about that movie… But I think New Moon is gonna be even better.”

Here is behind the scene video of their photoshoot. Enjoy!

I'll make a follow-up post for more photos, tomorrow.

Quality Health Insurance for my Friend

Jacquie is a good friend, She's now living in Nevada. She moved there 2 years ago after getting married to a very loving husband, Charlie. Before she left, we promised to each other to keep in touch whatever happens and whenever we are.

I missed her, now that she has a new baby boy, Daniel. I want to see them in person. Last night I talked to her on the phone, and she informed me that they all got sick. Charlie was rushed to the hospital last Sunday for severe coughing, that he complained of chest pain. I'm worrying about their situation. I asked her if they had a family insurance, and she said, shes planning to get one.

I recommended her to get Nevada Health Insurance through I knew about this months ago from my cousin. One reason why I recommended this Health Insurance because it offers quality medical coverage at a low and affordable cost. All she have to do is dial (702)-448-3664 and talk to a licensed health insurance agent. An agent will guide her and give her free advice about all the processing needed, with no cost and will be easily approved. She was amazed about it and now, she decided to get that health insurance for her family before anything get worse.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu

I'm worrying now, my friends, board mates, office mates and the people I meet outside had colds and flu. I hear lots of coughing and sneezing, I think I have a colds-and-flu phobia, getting sick is not cool. To think that I can't do my stuff and I don't like taking lots of medicines.

I am worrying for everybody, my friends was even hospitalized and some lost their voice. I decided to post some tips on how to prevent this disease.

1. Always wash your hands. Every time you shake someones hand, wash it with soap and water. You know, running lots of water into you hands will dilute any germs.

2. Keep your hands off. Avoid touching your eyes and nose, that's the common places for germs to get in.

3. Get enough sleep on a regular basis. Having enough sleep can boost your immune system.

4. Get some Flu shots.

5. Eat healthy foods. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, will support your immune system and drink lots of water and juices too.

6. Work out. Exercise and sweating will enhance your immune system.

7. Stay away. Keep distance to the people who displays flu symptoms or a relatives and friends who are already have flu.

I'm sure if you guys take my advise, you won't get sick.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twi Casts Back in Vancouver After TCA

Before I sleep, i stumbled upon a latest news about twilight casts
Last night a vampire (Kellun Lutz) and a wolf (Taylor Lautner) arrived in Vancouver airport. They are back for the prep of Eclipse movie.

And yesterday, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson arrived at the airport, but they had separate flights.

And oh, as well as Ashley Greene, who was devastated because of the leaked nude photo of her.

And there is a

14-second taste of the New Moon trailer that can only be seen in full by buying a ticket to Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam this weekend

what can you say guys? I bet many of Twilight fans are not happy about this...
full article here

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreaming of A Dream Vacation

Today, when I woke up, I saw the bright sun and the clear blue sky. I love summer, its the best time of the year for me. I love the warm weather, and suddenly I noticed that I haven't had a vacation for a while. And I think this is the perfect time to go the beach or near the lake with my family and friends during the weekends or holidays.

As a busy person like me, its not easy to find a good place to go. Finding destinations and hotel booking is time consuming. It would be the best choice to go for vacation rental, its so popular these days. Vacationers and travelers choose this because its easy. I was so amazed to find and, an organization that give quality service, convenience, great accommodations, time saving, not to mention its so affordable, and there are more destinations to choose. You name it, they had Lake, beach, ski and golf destinations around the world.

Well, I am wanting to go to the Lake for a long time because I never experienced it yet, and maybe stay there for at least 2 days, had an adventure, go fishing, take landscape photos and put it in my scrapbook. Wow, I'm its really my dream vacation! I am so excited to do it.

Twilight Casts Wins Big in 2009 TCA

Yes!!! Twilight Casts wins 9 movie awards:

  • choice drama

  • Romance

  • Liplock

  • Rumble

  • Drama Actress for Kristen Stewart

  • Drama Actor for Robert Pattinson

  • Villain for Cam Gigandet

  • Fresh Face Female for Ashley Greene

  • Fresh Face Male for Taylor Lautner

full article and more photos:here

Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Teen Choice Awards

Before I show you the pics of Twilight Casts in TCA today, first here are some Vamps leaving the Vancouver Canada to attend the TCA:

Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone

Smiling Bryce Dallas Howard

Now let me proceed to the main show:

2009 Teen Choice Awards was held at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Sunday evening (August 9, 2009) in Universal City, Calif.

Taylor Lautner with tight jeans and vest looking mighty.

All i can say is wow!!! She looks hot, I love the hairstyle, the dress, the make-up. thanks God, shes not wearing sneakers...

And of course the Cullen Boys are here! Emmett(Kellan), Edward(Robert), and Jasper(Jackson)!

Twilight Casts Attending the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

Twilight Casts heads back to LA for the Teen Choice Awards.

Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene arrived back in LA from Eclipse prep in Vancouver to attend the Teen Choice Awards - Sunday, but will air Monday.

And oh... Here are the Nominations for Twilight:
Movie: Drama
Movie: Romance
Movie Actress: Drama (Kristen Stewart)
Movie Actor: Drama (Robert Pattinson)
Movie: Villain (Cam Gigandet)
Movie: Fresh Face Female (Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed)
Movie: Fresh Face Male (Taylor Lautner)
Movie: Liplock
Movie Rumble
Music Album Soundtrack
Other Stuff: Male Hottie

I hope they win from all of these nominations(fingers crossed)!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chocolate Mood

"Once you consume chocolate, chocolate will consume you."

Yeah! That's right... I really had a great mood for chocolate bars this past days, I eat lots of it. When I was in the office, its my substitute to coffee and I munch more for my midnight snacks. You cant blame me, everybody loves chocolate. I love milk chocolates or waffle covered with caramel and chocolates.

And hey, let me share some info about chocolates. I found this when I'm about to go sleep. I was looking for some chocolate brands but I stumbled upon this great site:

1. Did you know that you would have to eat more then a dozen chocolate bars to get the same amount of caffeine from a cup of coffee? There are about 5 to 10 mg's of caffeine in one ounce of bitter chocolate, 5 mgs in milk chocolate, and 10mgs in a six-ounce cup of cocoa.

2. A single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for an adult human to walk 150 ft. Mmmm, its a good source of energy!

3. Chocolate helps with depression, high blood pressure, Tumors and Pre-menstrual syndromes.

4. Chocolate does not cause or aggravate acne.(myth)

5. One ounce of baking chocolate or cocoa contains 10% of the daily recommended intake of iron.

6. Chocolate can be deadly for dogs. Chocolate contains an ingredient called "Theobromine" which can be toxic to a dogs central nervous system and cardiac muscles.

7. People spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate.

8. The per capita consumption of chocolate indicates that each person consumes 12 pounds of chocolate each year.

9. Milk Chocolate is the most preferred type of chocolate, however dark chocolate is especially popular among men.

10. In Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Psycho" chocolate syrup was used to indicate blood in the famous shower scene.

Great Weekend!

Can't let this day passed without thanking God for telling the sun to show up. It is so nice to see a bright sunny day with a bright blue sky. So glad to get some sunshine! I don't care the heat that can burn my skin, in fact i am wanting to go to the beach. Stay for few days there, or maybe go hiking.

oh, I love the sun!!!

Any way, I spent the whole afternoon listening to American Top 40 hosted by Ryan Seacrest, but for some reason, he stepped out and then Katy Perry fill-in for him. She is such a jolly person and she made a great show. I'm not so stressed today coz I don't have work to be rushed, well what could be better than that?

As long as I get home, as everybody expect, I will be spending the whole night front of my computer and play online games until dawn!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Glamour's Twilight Beauty

This month of August, Glamour Magazine featured the four hot casts of Twilight Saga movie. Nikki Reed, Rachelle LeFevre, Ashley Greene and Noot Seear

The four alluring vampires (in New Moon movie) posed for the article Twilight Beauty: How to Take Your Look from Day to Night.

I want to have a copy of this.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twilight Casts Are in Vancouver!

Again, Twilight Saga Casts are back in Vancouver for the third movie franchise Eclipse. I am so excited about this movie because this is the part when there are lots of actions. Werewolves and Vampires unite to save Forks and the most important girl in the story... Bella.

Here are some photos of the few casts, in Vancouver.

Nikki with his Boy...

Bryce Dallas Howard - Victoria

Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser

Xavier “Riley” Samuel
I haven't seen any reports or photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Vancouver, but Im sure they will arrive there soon.

source twilight-gossip, Laineys Gossip and