Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tonik Health Insurance

Its best to be ready for anything that could happen. Since all of us are not sure about our health condition, especially these days, the weather can be so extreme sometimes. Our body and immune system can sometimes won't able to handle those kinds of situations, add to it is the stress from work, school and the kind of lifestyle we are now living. We forget to take care of ourselves and not noticing that we are abusing our health. In this case it is the best idea to get a health insurance plan. A health insurance plan that has a quality service.

Recently, I just heard about Tonik Health Insurance. This plan is great, because they offer major medical plan as well as dental and vision plan. I think not all insurance company offer this kind of coverage. Tonik Health Insurance Company is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Currently available in six States (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire). They offered plan coverage towards children, students, or recent college graduates, and to anyone under the age of sixty-five. They offer more services like, TONIK DOCTOR FINDER where a customer can view a list of doctors and health care providers in their state and allow to choose their Doctor preference and TONIK CALIFORNIA DOCTOR FINDER, this is for anybody who live in California. They also have prescription drug coverage, for cover generic drugs. One more great thing about them is that they make sure that every resident pays the same premium and no additional charges will be passed to the consumer.

I would certainly recommend this plan to my cousins living in Georgia and California. They are looking for a good insurance health plan and this one is perfect for their families.

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