Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Weekend!

Can't let this day passed without thanking God for telling the sun to show up. It is so nice to see a bright sunny day with a bright blue sky. So glad to get some sunshine! I don't care the heat that can burn my skin, in fact i am wanting to go to the beach. Stay for few days there, or maybe go hiking.

oh, I love the sun!!!

Any way, I spent the whole afternoon listening to American Top 40 hosted by Ryan Seacrest, but for some reason, he stepped out and then Katy Perry fill-in for him. She is such a jolly person and she made a great show. I'm not so stressed today coz I don't have work to be rushed, well what could be better than that?

As long as I get home, as everybody expect, I will be spending the whole night front of my computer and play online games until dawn!


  1. HI jenny.. ur life is so beautiful.. i mean to say i read these type of lives in some comics books. Now i am seeing it in real one. Are u favourite of Twilight movie..??
    I didn't seen the movie. Is the movie so nice. Then i will plan to see that movie, bye jenny

  2. hey Bujji! thanks so much for the compliment. yeah, we have to always take a look at the good side. life may not always been good, but there are always great things to celebrate. yeah, twilight is awesome. i mean its not a oerfect movie and novel, but i love it.