Friday, August 14, 2009

Quality Health Insurance for my Friend

Jacquie is a good friend, She's now living in Nevada. She moved there 2 years ago after getting married to a very loving husband, Charlie. Before she left, we promised to each other to keep in touch whatever happens and whenever we are.

I missed her, now that she has a new baby boy, Daniel. I want to see them in person. Last night I talked to her on the phone, and she informed me that they all got sick. Charlie was rushed to the hospital last Sunday for severe coughing, that he complained of chest pain. I'm worrying about their situation. I asked her if they had a family insurance, and she said, shes planning to get one.

I recommended her to get Nevada Health Insurance through I knew about this months ago from my cousin. One reason why I recommended this Health Insurance because it offers quality medical coverage at a low and affordable cost. All she have to do is dial (702)-448-3664 and talk to a licensed health insurance agent. An agent will guide her and give her free advice about all the processing needed, with no cost and will be easily approved. She was amazed about it and now, she decided to get that health insurance for her family before anything get worse.

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