Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good uses of Payday Loans

We are facing a difficult situation now, because of economic recession, more low to middle income earner are struggling to make their ends meet. Well, I want to say, I am one of them. My salary is not enough for all my expenses until the next payday. Much more for the people who are raising a family. They have obviously more expenses.

It is great there is a Payday Loan. Its so easy to apply, go to their website, fill up the form online and you can easily get approved. Just fill up all the information they needed and boom!... you can get your loan real quick!

In fact I have three good uses of payday loans if the loan is paid off within 2 weeks.

  • If you pay early they will not charge the prepayment penalty.

  • The interest will be adjusted so you will only be charged for the days the loan is outstanding.

  • You only pay 860.36% APR for up to $300 loan if you pay within 2 weeks.

Other great thing about them is you can have 6 payment extensions when you don't have enough money to pay for your balance. So this is very helpful to everyone.


  1. nice info but people are struggling to run the month so if they avail loan wont it be a added pressure for them.
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  4. I really dislike having to use these payday loans, but it is sometimes necessary. I would rather pay the fees than sit in the dark if I don't pay my power bill!

  5. thanks guys! yes, this is necessary, its really applicable in times we really get short of cash.

  6. If you pay early they will not charge the prepayment penalty. -- yeah.. i love this benefits too.

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