Monday, August 17, 2009

New Words

I had a great time playing farmtown today, its an online game that is so popular in facebook and myspace. Its a fun and interactive game, in fact I'm already addicted to this game.

One thing that makes me excited about this, is aside from I can enjoy designing and arranging my farm, I can meet new friends and have a great talk while playing with them. I met a very good man. I call him Mr. Tom, from Australia. He have great loving kids and grandchildren and adopted grandchildren. I also got to know his daughter and I was informed that Mr. Tom has a heart illness and is waiting for a heart donor. He is a lucky Dad, because his sons and daughter are living with him and taking care of him. I always pray that He will get better.

I first met them in farmtown and from that time, I invited them to be my facebook friend and farm neighbor. Oh, I love havin a great time with him, because while playing, he teaches me some new words (slang words) that I haven't heard before. I mean, I talk simple conversation English so I don't have a chance to learn that Aussie words.

Here are some words that I learned:

bangers and mash - sausage and mashed potato

snags - mashed potato

tuff bugga - tough bustard

Apples, she'll be - it'll be all right

Big Smoke - a big city/Sydney/Melbourne

Cockie - cockroach

Dead horse - tomato sauce

I love using these words while talking with them. Its fun to meet people from other places and get to know unique or slang words that they speak.

So, I have to go now and cook some bangers but no mash this time, I love munching those while in front of my computer while of course playing online games.


  1. Well I learned something new today. Bugga actually is bad. HAHA Thanx so much for the comment I actually had to look up what a blog roll was, cuz i'm new to the whole blog thing. but thanx so much. you know i have been meaning to tell you that you look exactly like my friends cece, it crazy!


  2. thanks Amy! Oh, really? thats what "Bugga" means? Well, Mr Tom is clever!