Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Own Place

I know this is not the right time to rant. A brand new week had just started, but I feel so exhausted and stress. Its like I am tired doing the same thing everyday for a long time. Its boring already. And every time I feel like this, I remember my family, my hometown, mom, dad, Rodney(my dog). I miss them so much. I miss the life in the province, its simple, calm, no traffic, and not noisy.

In my home town, I live near the beach

Dancalan Beach. Its 15 minutes away from my home. When I was there, early in the morning Me and Rodney used go to the beach to see the sunrise. I can see the fishermen going home. We used to run to the seashore and throw pebbles to the waves. I love the sound of the sea, and the water is so fresh and cold.

At noon, I could enjoy watching the Volcano at the back of our house

Bulusan Volcano. My eyes get relaxed watching the ricefields dancing with the wind, and the volcano more beautiful on sunset. I can see the rich red, orange and royal blue decorating the volcano. Its the perfect twilight I ever saw!

And on weekend, Me and my Dad go to the Lake

We can catch Tilapia or just walk around the lake and enjoy the woods, or we can climb in and relax in the tree house.

And on December to February, its the coldest time of the year its perfect to go enjoy swimming in the hot spring

We live near the volcano, so we have lots of hot spring to enjoy.

I am hoping to have a time and take a vacation. Maybe a one week vacation will be fine.


  1. really nice place to live. Pleasant one. Mind blowing photos.
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  2. thanks so much gany.
    yeah, i always longing for this place...