Sunday, August 16, 2009

Green Day

While on my way going home from the office last day, I wear green shirt and when I look around everybody is wearing green! Its the color of the Day. I love wearing green because it is refreshing to look at and when my eyes get tired while working in front of the computer for a long hour, I look at anything that has a green color and it relaxes me.

In fact green is my favorite color aside from black.

Whats with the GREEN?

Well, at home, green is a good color for the bedroom because of its tranquilizing influence on the body as well as the mind; in the kitchen, it tends to stimulate creativity in food preparation. Also recommended for workshops. Clear to light shades are best.

I'm glad I picked this color for my room.


  1. thanks for your comment, jenskie! i'm glad you stopped by... also, the color of the powder in this post is my absolute favorite color. i have a scarf i bought in italy that shade, and i wear it so much it's starting to get really thin. good choice :-)

  2. thanks Lauren for the comment (",)