Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nikon D5000

I've been looking for an SLR few months ago, at first I decided to get a Nikon D60. Its is good for a beginner like me. The price is right, it is designed specially for beginners and most of all, it fits on my small hands. Of course its important to choose a SLR that is comfortable for the user's hand, it will be used for a long hour. But being smaller in size, D60 has some limitations like in lens, it has less compatible lenses.

Not until, Nikon released the new SLR model for beginner, Nikon D5000, early this year. Wow, it is an upgraded Nikon D60 but just like a smaller version of Nikon D90. It also has a liveview screen while D60 doesn't have. It also has more features that D60 don't have, but I can't go much further with the technicalities here...

Anyway, I am confuse on what should I buy now, Nikon D60 or Nikon D5000. It has a big difference in the price, and one thing I am considering is the size of D5000, it is bulkier than D60. What I am feeling now is being excited having my first SLR :)


  1. ya its not easy to choose among these..

  2. thanks man, yeah i wanna have this soon.

  3. i want to have this too :) i'll be contented with any of the two :) hehe

  4. thanks Bailey, i think i must choose the simplier D60.