Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Born Vampires

One of the scene in Eclipse movie - new born vamps are caming out from the water and disappeared in the forest.

Eclipse is the third sequel of Twilight Saga. When James was killed by the Cullens, Victoria is determined to take revenge for her mate, her objective is to kill Bella, but the problem is, Cullens are there to protect her, remember, that the Cullens are the biggest coven next to Volturi. Add to that is the werewolf pack are protecting the teritory, too. So, Victoria's option is to make an army of vampire to help her attack the Cullen and kill Bella.

Eclipse will be an exciting movie, full of action and flash back of some of the Cullen's "human life".

So, anyway, I can't tell you the every detail of the story...

Take a look at Allie's collections of photos, in Eclipse movie set - (Vancouver Canada). She got to visit the filming site and got great photos for us.

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