Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Macro Lens for Cameraphone

Its great to always have a handy camera in your pocked everywhere you go. But, like me, I still don't have a SLR (my birthday wish) so all I'm counting on is my camera phone. Yeah, camera phone can't produce great close-up photos. Cameraphones (like point and shoot camera) don't have the accurate auto focus unlike SLR.

Now, there is a secret to make your camera phone make stunning close-up photos! By using recycled old DVD player or drive, it can be macro lens for your tiny camera. The little lens inside DVD players is just about the perfect size and magnification to turn the tiny lenses of cellphone cameras into a macro tool. All you need is a drive to hack apart, a piece of stiff posterboard or plastic to mount the lens in, and a little bit of poster tack or painter's tape to hold the lens mount in place over your cellphone's camera lens.

Here's a sample:

See? Awesome right? Try it and Have fun!

As for me, I'm in a hunt for old dvd players/drive. Hope I can find one (",).