Monday, September 28, 2009


September 26, 2009.

I talked to my Mom on the phone, I greeted her because its her birthday and in my hometown it is our "fiesta celebration", I also told her that it rained the whole night and I can't sleep. The rain and thunder keeps me awake and for no reason I felt afraid. The rain hasn't stop, and it continued for 6 hours, as in heavy rain poured. In fact the volume of rain water should be the volume of rain water we receive in a month. Then suddenly flash flood crashed the main city in time of rush hour. So many people from work and students who are about to go home are stranded in the streets. The flood reached the rooftop of the houses. I am still happy I am safe... I still have enough food and dry clothes to wear. I was worried for my friends who are still on their rooftops waiting to be rescued. And my relatives who in fact at this moment, I still can't contact them. In the news there are over 70 found dead.

Its just that we can't stop the wrath of mother nature... we became abusive and forgot to take care of our place. This is a clear reminder for us. I am so sorry for everybody who had loss their loved ones and praying for their souls. I'm glad I witness how people are helping each other to overcome this tragedy.

I am hoping for a better day...

*the video above was taken in UERM Hospital.

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