Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye is in trouble

I can't let this hot topic pass. At work everybody are still talking about Kanye West disses Taylor Swift in VMAs. Well, I am a fan of Taylor Swift and Kanye West. They sing a different genre. But about what Kanye did to Taylor, its the most unprofessional thing he ever did. He humiliated Taylor in front of everybody. It is her moment, it is what she dreamed of, and suddenly that special moment will be ruined by a jerk! I can feel how embarrassing it was.

According to the news, before the awarding started Kanye was seen drinking cognac and previously said he can decide who he wants to win. Kanye is certainly in trouble. His fans I'm sure are not agree to what he did. He maybe a die hard Beyonce fan and but even Beyonce is stunned to what he did.

Kanye apologized twice in his blog and still hoping to do it personally. And later in NBC he says it will take a while to make things okay. Well, yeah it will take a while... And I hope he learned a lesson.


  1. Hey thanks for your comments. You are very encouraging to me. I hope you life is good!