Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eco-Campaign that All Women Should Support

I'll talk about something that sounds like "underware". Yup, its about BrA.

According to a report, women for some reason had this behavior that 61% of women hesitate when it comes to throwing away all old bras. It may have to do with the fact that often when they are discarded, it’s not because they are dirty or unsuitable for wear; perhaps only out of style. And many women said that they would not like to see other women wearing their discarded underwear. (Absolutely...!) In areas where the use of translucent bags for garbage collection is mandatory, women who don’t want others to see what they are doing for whatever reason feel they have to literally cut up the bras into small fragments.

Then it came to Japan's innovative resolution that leads to recycle bras into solid Fuel. Eco-campaign hosted by Wacoal, Japan’s leading manufacturer of ladies’ underwear, is a collection of bras weighing approximately 3.59 tons, the length of which, if hooked together, would be three times the height of Mt Everest!

And a competing company known as Triumph, is following the lead of its rival and in a transparent effort to “one-up it” and show the donor some appreciation, gives out 50-yen postage stamps per bag of bras. The bras are recycled into solid fuel, that knows not of different cup sizes and out-dated designs. In other countries like Brazil, bras are now being used for purposes other than fuel; namely both as revamped bras and also as unusual purses.

Great work for Japan! Yes, we have to think of how we can recycle our discarded things to save our place. Ladies, heads up, and may your cups always runneth over!


  1. yep hehe... but this are a way to go move for mother earth!

    thanks pal!