Sunday, September 27, 2009

Born of Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I love fiction, fantasy and sci-fi novels. This weekend I'd like to share with you a perfect book to read, Sherrilyn kenyon's #1 New York Times bestselling book, a 5 series novel entitled The League, first 9 chapters is available online for everybody. But Before I tell you the plot of the story, Sherrilyn Kenyon is also known for her great series Chronicles of Nic, Dark Hunter and Brotherhood of the Sword and more. And now, introducing her newest series The League.

The first book The Born of Night welcomes us in an unforgiving, harsh universe perhaps the unsafest world you could live in - the Ichidian Universe. The empire is being lead by a ruthless tyrant who is ordering to kill all the people who are against him. Well, you had a choice... to "kill or be killed", "be the hunter or be the prey". This is a place where corrupt assassination politics dominate everything. Blood shed everywhere and the people is living in fear!

The government formed an army of alliance - The League, and is lead by Quorum. They are the government's "backbone", responsible of killing those who are oppose to the leader. But in the middle of this chaotic world, heroes will emerge. The future generation of heroes... A highly trained and lethal men and women, who have the guts to stop this evil government. Just be sure that they are the right one that will protect you or you will get the worst!

Surely, this book are full of actions, thrilling and will give you the madness to read until the last page of the last book. Don't forget to check out and read the first 9 Chapters of 'Born of Night' online, and its trailer is also available. This is really a must read novel!

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