Sunday, September 6, 2009

A mood for Ube

Maybe its the weather that made my mood go for an Ube Cake. I always tell my friends that rain makes me feel blue, there is something about the rain that makes the place look so sad and lonely. Sometimes when I feel sad, I notice that I crave for something, and this time I want Ube Cake. Aside from it is so yummy, I love its color. In fact violet is one of my fav color.

Ube Cake has the main ingredient that is basically came from a root crop Dioscorea alata or we call it in Filipino word Ube, which mean purple yam (Dioscorea alata). It contains a pigment color - violet. It grows in vine and mostly found in Asia.

Ube is mostly made as sweetened desserts, pastries, and even made as an ice cream flavor.

I love Ube Cake, its the best cake for me, more delicious than Black Forest.


  1. ur post r all in different genere. may i knw ur id.

  2. thanks! i talk about anything under the sun. :)