Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vacation Engrande

Such a lovely day. woot!! woot!!! I had 3 days vacation, and well, please don't let me explain why. I just wanna look to its positive side. Oh man, this is the time that I got enough sleep, eat as long as I can, play online games the whole day, and just chill. Its so relaxing. Too bad tomorrow will be the last day of the best days of the week.

Anyway, I got bored and as usual, I searched random topics over the Internet and suddenly I think of Disney programs. Well, I am already a matured lady, but I can't resist the cool programs of Disney. Its always my fav. Its been years that I never watched Disney programs. I have a cable connection, but my provider doesn't have Disney channel. I searched for its live streaming and boom! I got it. So happy to watch Disney again, and my vacation days are complete :)

I know, I know this is completely childish things... but come on, lets just be crazy and do some childish stuff just to make our days great!


  1. There is nothing Childish in doing which we like. No deadlines for us till we ourself create.