Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Barack Obama Plan To Lower Health Insurance Plan

Health care costs are skyrocketing. In fact health premiums had doubled for the past few years. Which is kind of alarming. American families who have a minimum wage or the average earners wasn't able to afford the plan and this is an important thing that a family should avail. It is a good thing that Pres. Obama gives attention to this problem.

Barack Obama plan to lower health care costs and ensure affordable, accessible health coverage for all. This is a big relief for everybody, they can now afford a low health care plan. Tonic Health is one of the health insurance that provide low and efficient plan cost. This is a health insurance plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. They offer plans in six states.

If you are looking an health insurance plan, Tonik Health Insurance is ready to help you. For inquiries you can call toll free 1-877-MY-TONIK to speak with a licensed health agent regarding any questions you may have about Tonik Health Insurance.


  1. First ask him to outsource projects. That will make other people to get back or safe guard their jobs.

  2. Great post. I hope the New Plan allows more Tonik Health Care Plans to exist!

  3. thanks!

    @gany yeah, i agree... Pres Obama would want to eliminate outsourcing to give more jobs to americans. but i think he should think of other options so that people who are working in BPO outside US won't lose their job. I am also working in a BPO.

    @Maggie thanks so much for the comment. Yeah, Tonik is a trust worthy insurance health company and really affordable to avail, esp for those who have minimun wage.