Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mysterious Disease I'm Sure You'd Never Heard Of...

We are living in an unforgiving strange world, yet a beautiful place to live in. There are still lots of mysterious matter we are about to know. Things that perhaps will take years us to understand. How about some mysterious diseases? Check this out.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
This is one of my old time favorite story, I watched the animated film a hundred times, I can say... and I'm glad there is a Semi-3D movie that is coming. But, I never expected to read about a disease that is called an Alice inWonderland Syndrome. Sounds so bizarre!

This disease id also known as Todd's syndrome. It is a disorienting neurological condition which affects human perception. Sufferers may experience size distortion of other sensory modalities. Reports suggests that the symptoms of AIWS are fairly common in childhood, with many people growing out of them in their teens. It appears that AIWS is also a common experience at sleep onset.

Treatment is the same as that for other migraine prophylaxis: anticonvulsants, antidepressants, beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers, along with strict adherence to the migraine diet. No studies are available that display any correlation between age, gender or race. AIWS is thought to be relatively common among migraine sufferers.


This is really a strange illnes. A pregnant women or children developed an appetite to eat non-nutritive substances, such as paint, clay, plaster or dirt (ewwww!!!), or alternatively items that are more commonly considered to be food ingredients, such as raw rice, flour or salt.

Moebius syndrome

An extremely rare genetic disorder. Characterized by complete facial paralysis. Sufferers cannot close their eyes, look from side to side, or form facial expressions. Limb abnormalities such as clubbed feet and missing fingers are often also present. But they can live long healthy lives.

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