Sunday, September 20, 2009

iPod nano with Radio and Buit-in Camera

Now, this is what I've been waiting for. I want to have an iPod but the prob is it does not have an FM tuner. Now iPod nano has everything you wish for.

iPod nano brings video to your music with the new built-in video camera.
And for that extra kick: a larger screen and a polished aluminum finish in nine brilliant colors.

Let me discuss you one by one its new features:

1. Design makes rock more glam.

iPod nano now has a polished anodized aluminum finish in nine electrifying colors. And a larger 2.2-inch color display for your viewing pleasure.
It looks more elegant and will suit to everyones personality.

2. Genius Mixes.

Genius explores your library and finds songs that go great together. Introducing Genius Mixes. All you do is sync your iPod nano to iTunes, and Genius automatically searches your library and finds songs that sound great together to create up to 12 Genius Mixes. These mixes are like channels programmed entirely with your music. It’s a great way to rediscover songs you haven’t listened to in forever, and some you even forgot you had.

3. FM radio + Live Pause. Return of the radio star. (yey!!!)

With the new FM tuner. And two innovative features — Live Pause and iTunes Tagging — make it smarter than the average radio.

4. VoiceOver. It speaks volumes.

VoiceOver speaks the names of songs and artists. So you can navigate your music without looking at the screen.

5. Pedometer and Nike + iPod.

The new Pedometer counts every step you take. Which makes your iPod nano the perfect workout partner.

6. Note to self: Voice Memos are here.

The built-in mic lets you capture a thought, a reminder, a class lecture, or any audio recording you want with Voice Memos.

The world’s most popular music player now gives you even more to play with!!!


  1. yup! i am so happy they made a version with fm tuner!!!

    thanks Tisha!

  2. apple always rocks!!! i like this post as much as i like ipod

  3. @sea you said that! its a "must buy".