Monday, May 3, 2010

Wild Flower

ISO 200
Aperture Priority

I've been cleaning my local disk and found some of my photography collections. I took this picture of a wild flower last month when I went home in Bicol to have a one week vacation with my family. My Dad accompanied me for a 3 hours hiking around Bulusan Lake. This is a tiny weed-like plant that grow around the lake.


  1. Nice pic!! Can a normal digital camera take the pictures like that?? I really wanna know. Yeah and also teach me some camera techniques.... Why not post about those things too.. would be nice..

    Anyway i have made a twitter account.

  2. hi Remrow! i used nikon SLR when I took this photo. I used manual settings to make a background blurr. compact camera is limited to produce great photos.

    yeah, i am thinking of making phototgraphy tips posts, but im not that good yet. :)