Monday, May 10, 2010

Praying for a Change and Safe Election Day

Today is a very important day in our history. Its the first time we are using automated election, not just in one part of the country, but its a full automated election.

By this time, voting is almost done and I am praying for a leader who will do what is right for His country and citizens.


  1. already posted my article bout the election :) who did you vote for President?

    well, i just hope that ONLY DESERVING CANDIDATE will win both for the national and local elections ^_^ see you in the office later, jen :D

  2. Let's God will be done! ^^ I wasn't able to register for this year's election.. T.T But I do hope it'll be a fair 'fight' for all.. ^^

  3. Ngayong Tapos na ang Elections, lets all pray na sana ang lahat na nanalo will keep to their promises in bringing genuine change to our country