Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kind Hoster Contest

I've been looking for a web hosting plan for almost a year but I am always skeptical on what I would choose. I knew some, but I can't afford it. I'm happy to know that is hosting a contest. The winner will receive a free domain and web hosting, from kindhoster for a year. This is so cool!

I found out that Kind Hoster is very affordable. Its for everybody, especially when you are on tight budget. As you can see in its hosting plan. Imagine, the budget plan cost only $10 per year and not just that, they do websites and blogs setups are free of charge.

This web hosting setup many blog platforms like blogspot, wordpress, and more. So I can say this is cheap and reliable. They also have their twitter and facebook account and even blog so that their costumers can can easily inquire in case they have technical difficulties.

I say, this is the web hosting plan that I'm looking for.


  1. thanks for joining...
    your entry is accepted...
    I will include you in the participants now..

    Thanks again

  2. i hope you win the contest.

  3. is a reliable and cheap web hosting company.I have been usinng their business plane since last 1 years.Unlimited hosting with a free Domain hosting

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