Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Phone!..

There is this funny-looking and awesome phone I found in online store. A built-in electric shaver phone which I think can be a nice gift for your man. This can be useful in times when you need to do some shaving and you are in the middle of the wilderness! or... you are a traveller, who need to use the shaver while talking on the phone, something like that. :)

See, this can be a perfect gift for a busy man, who almost forgot to shave, and a unique birthday gift for anyone.

Oh, the phone is called Cool758. This phone has a built-in electric shaver at the bottom and it is not a joke – the razor capacity is enough to give you a nice everyday shave. This razor phone can handle three days old shave, supports two SIM cards and the GSM900/1800 MHz and has the sizes of 120×52x19 mm. It retails for $112.

Apart from electric shaver, the phone features:

•2.5-inch touch screen (240×320 resolution, 260 000 colors);
•506 KB memory;
•it supports microSD memory cards up to 8 GB;
•0.3 megapixel camera;
•FM Tuner, Bluetooth, 64-tone polyphony;
•2800 mAh battery (not built-in but comes with the phone

Nice idea, because if there is phone designed for women, there should be a phone designed for men!


  1. kakaiba ang added feature ng phone na ito ha. magclick kayo ito kung naka onsale ito sa pilipinas? :)

  2. sureness! alam mo naman ang Pinoy, practical...

  3. wahaha =)) nice phone :D hmn..can i also used this to shave my hair (under there)?! :D...LOLz ;)

  4. pwede rin, dahan dahan lang...