Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Christmas Party class photo, when I was in Grade 3 - Dec. 1993. This is the time that I met my friends and little did I know, they will be my best friends. Oh, that innocent small girl in red jumper dress (3rd in right row) is ME. I love being a kid, its the time of every one's life that we don't care of anything... just play around, dream of being a doctor, an engineer, a pilot or a teacher someday and keep on ignoring the reality. Now, things changed. I learned a lot from the people I'd met and the situation I been through and looking back to my childhood, I can't help but just SMILE.

Years had passed, the kids in the picture above, are still friends...

Photos taken last September, 2008.

And yes, still best friends until now!

Photos taken last May, 2010.

And surely, as time goes by things will changed and this friendship will grow stronger...

Being a child once in my life is a treasure and I will always look back to my childhood smiling :)


  1. hey jen. we are still childrens at heart..have fun and sometimes its good to be carefree.. :)

  2. It is really great to see you are still friends . That is unusual. Looks like you did a good job growing up. But remember to always keep that child in your heart.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following... I am now following yours!
    All the best,

  4. @svetlana yes, its great to go back to the days when we are just carefree and happy!

    @grampy thanks you so much, indeed its unsual, even though we are now living in diffirent places, we always contact to each other and meet-up every time we are free. its seems like yesterday that we are just talking about dreams in the future, now it looks like some of us are starting to settle down and funny we are still there to attend their weddings!

    @kimberly thanks so much!