Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'ts June, say Hello to Rainy Days!

Time really flies! It seems like yesterday I am writing my lists of places and beaches to go this summer and when I woke up this morning, its already June!

It means:

1. Summer ends!

2. Hello RAIN!!! Rainy days is fast approaching. Well, rain is good, in fact I've been praying for the rain the entire summer because of this crazy scorching summer heat, but the rain in June is devastating. Making the city flooded and destroying crops. I hope it will not rain so much, just enough to make the place cool.

3. Rain makes a heavy traffic, road accidents due to slippery roads. Muddy and slippery.

4. My nephews will be complaining again about not yet ready going back to school. Surely will be very lazy getting up early on rainy days and they can't go out to play.

5. Not a good idea to travel.

Anyway, there are good things about June because:

1. Arriving late at work will be WAIVED--because most of the time, everyone will be caught in a heavy traffic because of heavy rain.

2. Jeans and flip-flops will be allowed at work.

3. My friend is going to get married this month. Oh my, it feels like she'd just announced her wedding date just yesterday! Now, she's freaking out because she only have few days of being single! I hope it won't rain on her wedding day...

4. This is probably the best thing that will happen, because I am going for an island hopping on 3rd week of this month!!! Then again, I hope it won't rain on that week.


  1. Island hopping sounds like more fun than blog hopping LOL. Following you back. Have a nice trip.


  2. helu. tnx for always visiting my blog. hihi. tnx also for the award but i do not know how to put them in my blog... i will ask eldest first.

    and yes. rains are coming at there will always be flood everywhere.

  3. @A 2 Z yeah, lol! island hopping is indeed more fun than blog hopping.

    @chimmimay welcome girl! thanks for accepting the award