Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alluring and Dangerous

When I went home for a vacation last summer one of the things on my lists is to take photo of the Mayon Volcano. But when I got there, it's rainy and cloudy, the tip of the volcano is not visible. So, I get back here in Manila without any photo of it. Now, that my friend went for a week vacation in Bicol, I told her to take a photo, for me and here is this alluring but dangerous view!

I call it alluring because its so beautiful and it drives lots of tourists around the world. You know, it's more beautiful to watch when its dusk and the lava is flowing on the side. Yes, its dangerous but you will be amazed to watch it... Despite the government's warning for the people to stay away from the danger zone, more people still choose to live close to the volcano because the soil is so fertile and it gives them lots of crops and fruits to harvest. That's why Bicol is rich in fresh vegetablea, rice and fruits. Because of the volcano, we are also blessed with to have hot springs, that has a sulfur content and it is good for the skin. It is mineral water and a natural cure for skin diseases.

By the way, I also have a picture of the volcano taken some two years ago. I took this photo days after its eruption.

See, the crack on the side? Mysteriously, even this volcano is so active that it always erupts almost every year, it will always go back to its perfect shape, just like it was molded again by a careful hand to make the tip perfectly shaped.


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  1. thanks svetlana. I am missing our place again... hope i can go home again.

  2. following you back! your pictures are beautiful.

    hope you have a great week, take care


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  4. Nice shot, Mayon Volcano really has a perfect cone...I followed you back..thanks for the follow...Happy Wednesday!

  5. I would love to swing by albay sometime in the future. I really want to see the majestic beauty of Mayon.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog and for the follow. I'm glad to have met another pinay blogger. :)