Friday, June 4, 2010


I've been so busy and today I just noticed that I've been eating a lot of cereals w/ fresh milk on dinner. I've been doing this since last week. I'm bad because I'm the kind of person who don't care about eating the right food and proper eating schedule. Sometimes I go for the whole month just eating McDonald's fried chicken (my favorite) w/ coke float, straight. I know its not good but I don't cook on weekdays so I'm a regular customer of McDonald's. Now, somethings changed, I eat cereals as my lunch and dinner. Hmmm, I think its not bad...

Anyway, I make sure I cook good food on Sundays.


  1. I've been taking cereals in the morning, and wheat bread at night too! Cereal is good for health so glad that you're taking it every now and then! Once in a while, might be cool to eat McDees too! =P

  2. @Ali @Cindy thnx guys, well, there's a new addition on my fav. list, its cereals. and thank God im eating the right food... :)

  3. cereals are way better than eating too much fast food. if I eat a week long of fast food, it gains me a lot of weight.