Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Island Hopping cont... (Caramoan Peninsula)

As I said, I'll tell you more about my island hopping...

I saw a weird plant with a fruit that look like a pineapple but color red.

and some of the rocks in Matukad Island has a mix of marble rock then the rest are pure limestone. Its not a usual view to see...

And here are the photos of the rest of the islands that we visited:

Kagbalinad Island

We passed by to this beautiful island on our way to Minalagos Island

Minalagos Island

Then we hopped in to our boat to go to another island:

And we came across this odd rock when we reached Busdak Island. its like thousands or millions of seashells were pasted to each other until it formed and became a big rock.

Busdak Island

That's the five islands we visited but there are more. We just had limited time, we suppose to do some kayaking, snorkeling and kayaking but we have work the next day. I think we are going back here next time and do the stuff we missed. There are no inhabitants in these islands, all you can see are limestones, birds, and sea snakes. Next time, I'll show you some of the best island delicacy that we ate. And I'll show you a picture of a hundred year old church in the Island.

To be continued further...


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  12. @all thanks for following back :) you can visit Caramoan Island, in CAmarines Sur, Bicol. Its a perfect paradise and had nice, friendly people.