Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a little Adventure - Bulusan Lake

I can’t believe that it’s my fifth day here in my hometown. It seems like few months ago, I am desperately wanting to go home and have a long vacation. I end up having a one week vacation leave, which I feel like time flies, just when I want to freeze them. Back in Manila, I planned lots of things to do here. I missed the beach so bad. I remember my dog used to accompany me to jog in the beach, watching the beautiful sunrise while dreaming about the future... you know, everybody do it while watching the beautiful colorful horizon. And of course, I love the sunset. That is the perfect time to start cooking our dinner...

Oh, I almost forgot I am about to tell you my little adventure last Wednesday.

Ever since I arrived here, it’s been raining almost every night. It should be summer and warm but it turned to be some sort of rainy monsoon here. I had lots of plan: taking photo of the beautiful blue moon—frustratingly I wasn’t able to do it because I don’t have a telephoto lens, second is the sunrise or sunset—but again, it’s so gloomy and rainy early in the morning and late in the afternoon. But I still have hope; I have 3 more days here. Third is going back to the forest to take a dreamy photo of the waterfalls or hotspring, but because of the rain, the paths are wet and slippery, in short it’s dangerous. How sad...

But wait, last Wednesday (my third day here), my dad accompanied me to hike around Bulusan Lake. From here in town proper, we travelled 9 kilometers to a nearby Barangay,

it’s an entrance to a forest park

and another 1 kilometer going to the Lake.

We decided to hike around it—an almost two hours hike. And because of my excitement, I haven't feel exhausted.

So here's the lake!

Everybody can choose: go fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking around or even swimming.

The air is fresh and cold especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon. And on our way to hiking around I found from wild flowers! My dad said that in the 60s and 80s there are lots of wild orchids here, but now, you are lucky if you find one.

It was my first time being surrounded by a lush green forest, not to tell you trees are gigantic and giant fern-like plants, the plants are here since prehistoric era. The ground is moist because the sunlight can’t reach it.

Some path have stairs and when you get to the middle of the forest, it gets so slippery...

with lots of huge trees tumbled down. And surely there are snakes and wild animals somewhere. Few people won't able to go further, it’s dangerous and I should tell you, occasionally, anacondas and venomous snakes are seen in the area.

I had so much fun with my little adventure. I wish I could find some time to invite you to come here especially if you love hiking and adventure. I have few days more before I go back to Manila and I'll make sure to show you more photos about my hometown.

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