Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Home sweet home at last! I wasn't able to visit my hometown for two years which seems like a hundred years ago. This morning, I was thrilled to wake up seeing Mom's flowering garden.

The roses are blooming... My favorite are those tiny red roses.

And I love those orchids too!

And my Mom's favorite are Euphorbia plants. These flowers makes the morning so great.

I had a good sleep, I should say. I never had a long night sleep since I moved to the city. I miss everything here, the cool fresh air, the sea and the rain. Well, I'm going to stay here for a week and will definitely going to have fun with everybody here.

That's it for now, T.T.F.N--Tah-tah-for-now!!!


  1. wow ang ganda nmn..missed our place too..going home on 17th too..hope u enjoy ur vacay..:)

  2. yup, medyo maulan nga lng dito.

  3. wow...nice orchids :) i love flowers ^_^ orchids na lang ipasalubong mo sakin jen pagluwas u manila...hehe ;))

  4. ung halaman mismo tsaka ung kahoy na dinidikitan ng orchids?