Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chilly Escapade - Foggy Heights

We had a chilly escapade last Sunday. Since its summer, the weather is really really hot and the sea is boiling hot, surely crowded by tourists. Me and friends had decided to go swimming in Tagaytay. The place is is located in high place and it is a good idea to stay there on summer.

Little did we know, when we reach the place, its way colder than we think. Its windy and the air is so chilly!

We rented a rest house, because we want to have privacy and well, its a nice place..

We had everything we need, a small basketball court, a billiard area and a nice cozy room. We enjoyed the whole time, had a nice chat and cook some food. It feels so great to be relaxed and forget the stressful things for a while. In fact, it seems like we don't wanna go back to the busy and noisy city again.

I hope I have my own pool too, so that every time I am piss off, all I have to do is dive and swim as long as I could until the negative vibe is gone.


  1. wow! Nice pics...hope you all had enjoyed your outing...sorry didn't join you guys :)

  2. Hi.... I'm back after a long gap... @VJ