Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I enjoyed watching fireworks competition last week. Its the first musical pyrotechnics olympics. Last week, was France and Japan's turn. Unfortunately, we arrived late and we didn't found a good spot to take good photos of the fireworks.

This is my very first time firework photography and still working with my camera settings, my big mistake is I forgot to bring my tripod.

Good job little boy, you are blocking the veiw, hope not to see you next week...

My camera settings for these photos:

Aperture Priority
F/3 - F/10

I'll definitely will post another fireworks photos next time, just wanna share these with you. My next project is photographing the moon and sunset.


  1. is that y u're absent most of these days?anyways, nice shot..:D see u around...

  2. nice shots! cant wait to catch the next fireworks shows!

  3. nice shots,'re really improving a lot...congrats :)

  4. @cathy @ruby thanks girls! yeah, im taking photography seriously, as long as kaya ko... i am excited to do a good shot so that i can participate and share my best shots in digital photography school. I enrolled few months ago, but until now, i haven't pass any photos.

    @manik_reigun thanks man, see you next sunday!

  5. Great! Here in Nepal You don't see these fireworks always!
    Once on a party there was some fireworks. Looking spectacular. It was going great and i thought of taking a photograph of it . As i took my camera phone off my pocket the sky became blank. Fireworks finished!! all shouted!

  6. @Remrow hi! well, compact camera and phone camera are not advisable for night and fireworks photography because it require a slow shutter. You have to use an professional camera and set to manual settings. I love phototgraphy and i am using Nikon SLR for now.