Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Few minutes from now, I'll log off, switch off the lights and all electrical equipment to get involve in Earth Hour. Last year Philippines got the rank 1 out of 88 countries who participated the event. We got the largest number of participants who joined this event.

Earth Hour was pioneered by Australia and now it is being celebrated around the world. Even at home, we can do something and support Earth Hour.

Let's all take a stand to save energy and save the earth! This is our place and we have to take care of it.

Everybody lets all switch off our lights!


  1. i was not able to observe this earth not at home but i believe we have a brown out during this hours so we still participated..ehehhee

  2. @svetlana: same in our place...we had brown out for about an hour and a half. the electricity just resumed around 8pm (30 minutes before the sked time of earth hour). Because of that, lots of my neighbors no longer participated in switching off their lights but i still did! :D mabait ako, ee ;)

    @jen: glad that you participated too...mabuhay tayo....hehe :D

  3. yup, i am pro saving the earth. i was thrilled when I noticed some of my neighbors participated too. It was a total darkness and silence all over our compound. im glad to find people who are concern about our place.