Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Last weekend was a combination of great and chaotic weekend. First, I got to unwind for just a few hours, and I had a great time. I enjoyed having dinner outside. Its like a trend here where, friends and co-workers would love to eat outside and had a nice chat and mostly rant about anything.

So that's what we did last Saturday, me and friends dine-in to a nice restaurant--Giligans in Quezon City, its a Girl's night out, actually and a post-birthday celebration of my friend. The prices are so affordable and and they serve Filipino dishes and I love it.

And these are the food that we ate.

And, we saw Baby James running around Timezone.

I mentioned something about "chaotic weekend", because after having a good time, I was confronted by a weird, irresponsible, and unprofessional lady about something I didn't do. I got so mad and almost give a mayhem. The next day, I became so distress, can't sleep and can't eat...

Now, I am about to leave the pink house and start again.

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  1. wow..really a good time..huh..such a lot of food gurl..not on diet huh..good for you..hehehe..u seem always stressed out..relax my dear..