Friday, February 19, 2010

Simple Little PINK House

This time, I have bad backache and I had a busy week. We moved to a new apartment which I will call it “Our Simple Little Pink House”. It’s a small apartment—just enough for me and my sister and it is painted pink! I don’t like pink so much because I prefer shade of green but, it doesn’t look bad at all. So, I liked it. Before, I rented an affordable room. It was a small room just enough for one person with everything I can enjoy including tv cable, air conditioning unit and free wi-fi connection, but here in our new pink house, we don’t have even a tv set, I can’t use my aircon unit, and the worse is a poor internet broadband signal. But considering that we have our own kitchen, comfort room and one small bedroom, I can stay here with extra patience.

For now, I feel like I a stranger in a strange place. Everything is new to me. One of the hardest things in life is taking changes. I feel like I am starting again from the scratch—familiarization of the place and especially the people around me. It is not easy; living in a place for years and suddenly will move to a new place is something that make me sad. I miss everybody and the routine I’ve been used to do. Anyway, it is said that “Life is a constant change” that is why I have no choice but to adjust to everything new and maybe I can be used to it, in no time.

So the next morning I stumble upon a new neighbour, I hope to meet a nice and friendly one.


  1. am not sure if this pink sorroundings will bring good luck...

  2. pinkie kikay :)) i think its more beautiful if it's "PURPLE" coz i really love that color..hehe :) ei, jen..can cathy and i visit your place?

  3. lol, well, i prefer green coz it makes me feel relax. pink is bright and yeah, girly...

    sure you can come over...