Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's for dinner?

So whats for dinner? I'm having Odong for dinner! Odong is a different kind of noodles, because it is straight like spaghetti and taste salty when it is cooked. I never know about this until I came here in Manila, one of my board mate from Visayas introduced it to me, in fact I never hear about this when I was in Bicol.

For those who don't know odong, it is a small diameter noddles that is sold in tiny packs and very popular in Cebu. I love it, because it is so easy to cook, won't even take 30 minutes.

I sauteed the garlic, onions and a can of sardines--I prefer hot and spicy, and like to add some vegetables (patola), then pour a glass of water or more (it depends on you), black pepper and simmer until its cook, then bon-a-petit!!!!

Everybody liked it for its economical, delicious and satisfying comfort food, no wonder why it is so popular in the Southern parts of the Philippines.


  1. hmn... i like that ODONG...lalu pagluto ni mama. masarap kasi magluto si mama ko...

    anyways, daya..di ka man lang nang-alok...hehe :))

  2. Oh, would love to try one. But definitely I won't be using sardines, my girl don't love it.

  3. @cathy lika luto tau.

    @ruby eh, ikaw dapat magluto.

    @mypuzzlepiece thanks, you can try tuna or pork, sardines is the traditional and original engredients.

  4. Hmm.. taga -Cebu ka din? hehehe

    i love odong and misua haha..

    I'm glad you enjoyed the funny post on my blog. Share ko dito yung link ha para matawa din readers mo :)


  5. @mon Bicolano ako, pero I love foods from Visayas lalo n ung mga inihaw.