Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To my hero

When I woke up early this morning, one thing I remember, its my Dad’s Birthday today! And I badly miss him. Not easy to live miles away from my family, and only got to see them once a year.

I look up to my dad as my Hero. He teaches me how to dream big and encouraged me to make my dream come true. He is one of the few, who believes in me... someone who is so patient and never demanding of what should I achieve.

Thanks for always believing in me. It's truly a blessing to have you as a father.

Happy Birthday Dad, I really would love to take time and have a cup of coffee with you, talk about future plans... just like the old days. But what can I say; I’m running late this time, still stuck here in the big city.


  1. hi jenskie...happy birthday to your dad ^_^ may he have more bdays to celebrate and good health