Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can't think of a good Title...

Its been a tiring day. I (accompanied by a good friend) tried to look for an affordable apartment for rent near my work, but I didn't found one. I am sad and frustrated...

I had enough for this week, so much stress and so tired from work. But late this afternoon, I walked along greenbelt and take time to look at some beautiful flowers. It made me relaxed for a bit. I had my SLR with me so, I can't resist not to take photos of them.

55mm - ISO 200
Shutterspeed 1/320s - F/5.6

55mm - ISO 200
Shutterspeed 1/80s - F/5.6

18mm - ISO 200
Shutterspeed 1/640s - F/4.5

I hope I could eat breakfast at the backyard surrounded by these beautiful flowers it's like a good start for a beautiful day.


  1. wow!!! awesome! very pretty pics! you're improving in your photography :D

  2. hi jen...nice shots...such a cutie're improving a lot :)

    ...for that...i give 2 thumbsUP ^_^