Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy mode

This week is the toughest week so far, I've been spending 16 hours at work and probably lucky if I could have 3 hours of sleep, then go back to work. Heaps of work to be done and still it is piling up every single day.

I spend the whole night at the office, because I can concentrate, and for me, it is hassle free,... no boss nagging behind me, lol!

Since I don't drink coffee, I munch on fries and chocolates the whole night, plus a cup of hot chocolate!

I know french fries is one of the worst food anyone could have, considering large amount of calories and saturated fat that will require anyone 3 days to burn it. But well, fries are great for midnight snack.

And of course chocolate! I love cookies coated with chocolate or waffle. See, I can consume a box of chocolate for a single night.

It is obvious I look so tired and sleepy, and it is freezing inside the office. My eyes feel sore, my back and shoulder is aching, too. And yeah, I am starting to have my sinusitis again.

But still at the end of the day, manage to smile, or at least try to smile. It is better to be busy on something than do nothing, that will make me bored and crazy.