Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Memory Game

I played a very interesting game last night and I just quit playing when I noticed that its already dawn. It is Memory Game, I found it in national geographic site. And because of this game, I am worried for myself.

Its a test for your memory on how fast you can memorize figures in a very short time. For an average humans, they can store up to seven items in their short-term memory. I got so curious to check out how my short term memory work. Oh man, its so frustrating, and I got idea how stressed my mind is, I had hard time memorizing figures. I can't concentrate.

I was worried for myself after playing this game because it supposed to be easy for me, but instead it became difficult, to think that figures are easy to familiarize. For a long time I've been ignoring how important "eating the right food" is, living and a healthy life. I've been abusive to my health and its paying off. I'm having hard time concentrating, I easily get irritated especially at work and frequently had headache at the end of the day. Its not something to ignore this time because my work is affected, I am working as a data analyst. Well, I have to do something about this.

But anyway, try this game. Its a mind gymnastics and I'm sure it will make your neurons at work. After all, we need to exercise our mental agility but sadly we frequently ignore it and get busy exercising to have a nice looking abs.

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