Monday, February 15, 2010

Post-Valentines Celebration with My Cousins

I spent the whole afternoon at Mall of Asia. I haven't had bonding time with my cousins and sister for a long time, so I invited them to eat dinner with me and of course, do some photography. I was a little disappointed with the sunset and night photography. I didn't bring my tripod resulting to blurred and poor colored photos, so I won't upload them, for now. I've been reading articles and tips about camera settings for night photography but I end up forgetting what I read and I had difficult time setting my camera manually. I even missed the beautiful sunset and can't get the right angle to shoot the horizon because there are so many people blocking the view. But anyway, enough with the rants. I'll make sure to be more ready next time.

When we got exhausted walking around, everybody wanted to have pasta, majority decided to go for Shakeys!

We enjoyed the family pack menu in Shakeys. I love the thin crust pizza with hot sauce.

And of course dinner won't be complete without having crispy fried chicken(I should have turned off the flash to get sharp photo of fried chicken) and potato chips.

I had a great time and looking forward for a lovely day tomorrow!


  1. good to hear you had a good time dear..:D

  2. yum! i'm happy that you find time to unwind and free your self from stress to our hell-like office..nyahaha :)) *peace*

  3. hehe... yeah i am planning to have dinner with friends every payday.hey, lets have food trip next time.

  4. hmn...I soooo like that idea -- food tripping...but we'll gonna do that if we don't have same schedule *thinking.mode*

    hmn..what if, let's just schedule it like..sunday?? if everyone is avail :)