Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diamond is NOT Forever!!!

"Diamond is forever", well its a big NO! Because according to DeBeers, the world's largest diamond miner, says the supply of diamonds is slowly and surely running out. And expect that the price will increase at least 5 per cent per year for the next five years.

"Diamonds are a treasure of nature that should be properly protected, because there will be less to sell. The reality is that supply cannot keep up, and that will become very accentuated over the next 15 years."
So maybe when the time comes that diamond is just a thing of the past, maybe we can think of something new that can be worth like a diamond... maybe uhmm... a rock that comes from outer space! No? Okay, I wish diamonds do "grow" so fast, just like trees and weeds.


  1. I hate to say it because I'm a diamond lover but, It takes millions of years for them to form. I hope they don't run out that fast. What a shame.

  2. if we are not careful and take everything for granted... everything will be a thing of the past.. even trees, weeds, birds, clean lakes and streams!

  3. @Glenna yeah, wishing to have my own diamond ring before it runs out

    @teknisyan yup, i think we've been abusing our resources.

  4. Jen, DeBeers has millions of pounds of diamonds banked in several vaults around the world. there are different qualities and standard types of diamonds. the diamonds for jewelry are one facet of the diamond industry. the larger facet is industrial diamonds for lasers and also drilling. they are much more expensive and much more in demand than the bits we see for jewels.

    the person we should ask most about those diamonds are Bloody Diamond Smuggling Cat Walkers like Naomi Campbell. it's because of people like her that arms and legs were hacked off by chuckie taylor - to get those Blood Diamonds out For DeBeers; the South African Diamond Kings.

    Bloody Diamonds are not worth all this death

  5. hi jen! i love the sparkles of diamonds! i better save up for a piece of jewelry with diamonds on it because it's a good investment, its value will definitely goes up especially now that it's becoming rare.

  6. @RE Ausetkmt thanks for the comment. btw, yeah, you are talking about those bloody diamonds that gives me the creeps when I think how many lives was lost because of that big uncut rock, and about that supermodel who allegedly recieve a rock in the middle of the night, how can she be a humanright activist? anyway, the trial is still going on, but i hope the truth will prevail.

    @joy thanks so much :) yeah, it says its a girl's bestfriend. and i am hoping to own one someday... before it all run out.

  7. Are diamonds more precious than love? Is it really a girl's best friend? When it comes to the heart … which will we choose?

    All the best - Maxi