Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something I Wanna Do Again...

Its Sunday and I am so thankful to God. Things are slowly getting okay. Since I came back here in the city, I finally had peace of mind. I moved to a new apartment. A really cozy one. But since its rest day, I am wanting to go somewhere... Like hiking in the forest again. I miss the times when I had my vacation last week in my province. We hiked and found a river, then we go swimming there.

Let me share some of my photos:

Going deep into the forest, the path is so slippery.

And on our way, we meet some company.

We passed-by a hut and I saw someone cooking with woods. I love the scene. Life is so simple!

Then we stumble upon a river. The water is crystal clear and so cold, a perfect getaway!

We've passed only tree houses on our way to the forest and our guide said, some of the locals get there drinking water here.

By the way this is one of my favorite shot. I love waterfalls!

And oh, that was me and my cousins, before we go for a swim.

wow, the water is so cold!

I wanna go back to this place. I'll go home this coming August and will have some more adventure there.


  1. nice pics you have here jen ^_^ especially the waterfalls...i sooo love it!

  2. thanks girls! i miss my towmtown already.

  3. beautiful place , jen. where is your province?

  4. hi Joy, i came from Sorsogon, in Bicol