Saturday, April 3, 2010


I took this photo on Good Friday, I woke up early, grabbed my camera and tripod, headed to the beach and get a snapshot of the sunrise. Well its not really so early because its past 6a.m. but I think I got a nice shot.

Family is always there to accompany me. Dad, Mom, and even our dog Rodney is there for the support! We decided to take a 30 minutes walk...

... picked some shells along the way.

The next day...

I woke up earlier hoping to get a better sunrise photo, but its not that good. It was cloudy and almost going to rain.

I waited patiently until clouds disappear and the sun slowly showed up.

It feels great to watch the sunrise with family!


  1. hi jen :) i'm glad to know that you're having a nice time there in your province ^_^ happy holy easter to you and your family. godbless

  2. wow, good to hear that u enjoy ur vacay..see u tomorrow frend..

  3. well well well, am still here in bicol. now p lang ako babyahe pabalik ng Manila!

  4. Nice pictures! On our country no sea na!!
    Although we have mountains and sunshine and sunset is really beautiful in it too. Just that i am too lazy to wake up early in the morning to take the photographs.

    Anyway.. if you have been using flickr for your photo upload i have reviewed a small software form a Nepali guy to download the photos from flickr
    Check it out