Thursday, December 10, 2009

Modern Cremation Will Produce Ferfilizer

Our world is really crowded that there is a new and modern process to dispose human remains. It is called resomation--a process where the human corps will be cremated and will eventually turn into a fertilizer. This process was developed by a Scottish company, Resomation Ltd. To understand how in the world they came up with this idea is, its just like a natural process of decomposition, but they have to hasten it just like pressing the fast-forward button of your remote control. The process will be through alkaline hydrolysis, which occurs when the body is sealed inside a vault-like tube filled with water and lye and steam-heated to 300 degrees and after three hours, a powdery bone fragments and 200 gallons of fluid are all that remains. Comparing to traditional cremation and burial, alkaline hydrolysis doesn’t lead to toxic chemicals like dioxin and formaldehyde being released into the atmosphere or water supply.

This may not be accepted by everybody, it will a personal choice for anybody who would let their relatives/loveones to undergo this process. But I think those that are concern about the environment crisis--global warming, they consider this approach as acceptable and just the right thing. As we can see, even the process is natural and eco-friendly, I think the leaders will still have to struggle to deal with this idea.

How about you? Just curious of what do you think about this. I would be glad if you do comment. As effective and promising as this may seem, this could be a common way to deal with human remains anytime soon.

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