Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas All Over Town

Its a good start for this week. I've got to relax at work, no more rush things to do and wow, I noticed I laughed a lot today. No frowning faces around. And after work, me and my and and friends got to take a look at the colorful Christmas decorations around Ayala Avenue. Its getting late, but people are all caught in Christmas rush. Walking around holding gifts and endless Christmas shopping. And to tell you and about the traffic? Gosh it will just piss you off.

Oh by the way, I've got my second gift for our kris kringle, I'll post it tomorrow. I haven't do shopping yet, but I am excited to have the thing I've been wanting, maybe next week.

Well, as busy as the people around, we decided to take photos of the giant Christmas tree and the stunning decorations of the mall window.

I used my Sony Ericsson cellphone when I took these photos and its not as sharp as the point-and-shoot, much more as the DSLR can, but hey,... I am about to have one. Yey!!!


  1. advance christmas.. wishes to you... blog got
    dressed up??? looking too good..

  2. i really had fun last night. hope we can do it again next time...tonight perhaps?... ^_^

    and oh, by the way, i like the christmas tree photo you have there ^

    i think your camera phone is much better than my digicam. The photos I've taken last night were mostly dim...huhu!

    anyways, thanks for the gift and i hope you like mine ^_^

  3. @sea thanks man, yeah i finally able toc change my template/

    @anne yw! we'll have fun again later