Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cleaning up the Dirty Laundry

I notice that just when every thing's perfect... you have the money, a good career, fans, a happy family of your own..., one day you'll wake up realizing that you've messed-up everything! And even if you want to make everything back to what it was before, it will even get worst. Then you will finally noticed that everything you establish (not just the wealth but the respect the people give you) will disappear if you will not take action and make it right.

Its been weeks since I keep track on whats Tiger's being through this days, and I really can't believe he cheated on his wife and he admit it! Now, after weeks of silence and more alleged mistresses popping up everywhere, Tiger Woods finally decided to take an "indefinite break" from golf to focus on his personal life. I would say, its a good decision for a man who wants to make everything right. He manage to set aside the thing he loves to do, to take some time to think and to focus his attention on being a better husband, father, and person. There is nothing more precious than having a happy family.

As of now, Nike is in full support for his family and looking forward for his return to golf.

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