Sunday, December 6, 2009

Clash of the Dinosaurs

If you think these mighty beasts are dead, well they are back! Tonight Dec. 6, Discovery channel will show you the reconstructed 3D animations with cutting-edged graphics of how dinosaurs may looked like millions of years ago and we would have the idea on how they ruled the land. Well, it has a little violence in it, but it is how to survive millions years ago--to kill, eat, run, and not be eaten.

It is a series, so I will have a good reason to sit in front of my tv every weekend. I love watching a documentaries about our past, I am always curious on what our world looked like before... Oh, by the way, the next series of this show will be next week, Dec. 13, 8:00PM.


  1. Hey Jenskie,

    Pretty good info.. Dinosaurs are complex creatures i would say. The making of it is still a mystery.. I would prefer you to put the TIME ZONE along with the time..(like IST, GST, EST,EDT). so that it will be even more precise. Just a quick thought popped out of my mind!!!


  2. @Teendudes!! thanks, you are right it is better if I put timezones in this post, after all this is a must see program.

    @sea hey, pal, howdy? yeah, watch this next weekend.