Thursday, November 26, 2009

Playable Electronic Guitar T-shirt

You love playing guitar, and you are not in the mood to bring your bulky instrument or maybe you want something cool to have...

I present you, the Playable Electronic Guitar! Check out this photo and video:

Yes, it is playable just like the real guitar. The instrument is built-in and with a mini amp that attaches to your belt. Don;t worry it has all the chords. You can strum by waving the included magnetic pick over the strings. The volume goes up to 11 and the amp comes with an adjustable tone knob. The Price??? $29.99! Nice present you can ask this holiday season. And oh, I heard, there are some other music instrument t-shirts available, like piano... hmmm, how about trumpet? oh, well...


  1. i wud like to hv trumpet..;-)

  2. @sea and you have to figure out how to play it... hehe